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Mike Sutt

Mr. Sutt is the Industrial Safety Training Coordinator for the Kentucky State Fire Commission. He has been in the fire service for over twenty-four (24) years and serves as a Platoon Commander and Safety Officer. Mike’s industrial safety experience includes over fourteen (14) years as the Director of Safety and Security for Six Flags Theme Parks. He is also an authorized OSHA trainer. Mike was appointed by the Governor to serve on the board for the Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Services and also serves on its Executive Committee. He has taught at numerous conferences and has great experience in both the private and government sectors. He is also the proud recipient of two (2) Life Saving Awards.  

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Membership to the Kentucky Safety and Health Network, Inc. is open to all individuals. Current members of the KSHN board of directors, or those wishing to be nominated to the board of directors must reside in or be employed in the state of Kentucky.. More…

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The board of directors is made up of representatives from Labor, Business, Government and Education. Board members serve staggered three year terms and are elected by the KSHN membership.



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The Annual Governor’s Safety and Health Conference is co-sponsored by the Kentucky Labor Cabinet.



SAFE Scholarships

Annually, the Kentucky Safety and Health Network Foundation, Inc. (KSHNF) provides scholarships to eligible undergraduate and graduate college students. The scholarships are referred to as the Scholastic Achievement for Education Awards, or “SAFE” Awards. More…

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